Project status: finished (October 2020)

Project presentation

Products which require complicated material systems and nanoscale structural organization, e.g. third-generation solar cells, are often difficult to develop. This is because the electronic properties of bulk semiconductors are often masked or at least strongly superimposed by material interface properties. Additionally, these interface properties are complex and thus make product design difficult.

MMAMA aims at solving this problem by offering a nanoscale characterization platform for the European manufacturers of coatings, photovoltaic cells, and semiconductor circuits. It is proposed to use a combination of scanning microwave microscopes, dielectric resonators, and simulation to measure the material and interface properties of complicated material systems and nanostructures. A metrological system of cross-checks between different instruments, models and simulations with associated error bars is indispensable for obtaining trustworthy results.

The main objectives of the MMAMA project are:

  • Development of Scanning Microwave Microscopy (SMM) technology towards high performance including spatial electrical resolution, bandwidth (frequency range), and different forms of microwave probes.
  • Extending measurements capabilities of SMM including sample size, temperature and environmental stability, and development for new calibration routines.
  • Establishing electromagnetic 3D models and software modules for advanced materials including modelling platform.
  • Validation of the high-frequency characterisation technology through the fabrication and the characterisation of reference materials and structures.
  • Demonstration of multi-scale microwave imaging technologies at pilot scale for in-line and off-line production.
  • Development of standard operating procedures and implementation of the open-access environment.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 761036.